School of Fashion Academy of Art University’s 21st Annual Skylight Clarkson Square Show

The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University held its 21st annual fashion model showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9, 2017. A total of 10 current MFA graduates and BFA’s showed their collections of menswear and womenswear which resulted from two collaborations between the two programs. The clothes resulted from hours and hours spent in the classroom as well as numerous last-minute adjustments. Academy of Art University come from everywhere from China to mainland coastal Maine. Their ideas and craft techniques deeply impressed the judges, who included Ms. J. Alexander of America’s Next Top Model.


A couple of the clothes included vintage denim outfits made with bike tubes and extra fabrics from Amour Vert. A couple of others included white kimino-style outfits made for warmth and with a sense of contemporary styles. Saya Shen from China designed a couple of winter coat-like outfits inspired by the various snowy scenes that she photographed in her homeland over the years. Orange County native Joanna Jadallah designed a sweater and a dark brown skirt based on the kind of outfits that her ancestors who had to flee Palestine wore. She used lambskin leather, cashmere knits, brocades and lightweight wool. Cana Klebanoff designed a heavy wool sweater based on the Japanese Samurai times. Ryan Yu of China designed a couple of black-and-white outfits based on the darkness and lightness of Yin-Yang. Finally, Jelly Shan designed an outfit based on the ceremonial clothes of her homeland.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens who was a painter and magazine editor. His son, Richard A. Stephens took it over in 1951 followed by his granddaughter, Elisa Stephens in 1992. It was Elisa who increased the student enrollment and started the school’s annual participation in Skylight Clarkson Square.


Aside from fashion, the Academy of Art University is known for its Automobile Museum and athletics. The former displays 200 vintage cars, including a Tucker-48, which Forbes has appraised at approximately $700 million. Half of the collection is the property of the University and the other half is the Stephens family property.


The Academy of Art University team is the Urban Knights. Nine of their sports compete in the NCAA Division II and are members of the Pacific West Conference. In 2014-2015, their men’s cross country team placed third and their women’s placed fourth. Both the indoor and outdoor track fielders won seven All-American honors, including one NCAA champion in the Jordan Edwards.


Skill & Compassion, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

There are a great number of factors that come into play within our lives that will cause many of us to take a good look at the possibilities for our appearance that lie within the realm of plastic surgery. Much of this area of medicine can see a negative outlook from many people under the assumption that it is merely a cosmetic or vanity region of surgery and this is simply not the entirety of the matter.


There are many examples of exceptional cosmetic surgeons who go above and beyond their peers within the field of plastic surgery, such as individuals like Dr. Sam Jejurikar. His work goes well beyond just providing excellent care for his patients in and around the Dallas, Texas region but also to other countries of the world.


Dr. Jejurikar has been on many missions throughout his career and most notably among them is his annual work with the organization, Smile Bangladesh, and their work to bring desperately needed medical care to impoverished children who otherwise would not get the help they need.


Dr. Jejurikar is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical Schools and that is where he truly discovered his interest and passion for the world of plastic surgery. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Medical Centers.


Dr. Jejurikar has not only a meticulous attention to detail but also a very kind, caring and compassionate nature. He delivers the highest quality results for his patients by obtaining the best understanding of precisely what his patients want.

About Our Practice

As well as staying recent on all of the most recent techniques and procedures, Dr. Sam also uses the highest quality and most modern equipment for all procedures, ensuring that his patients not only get the best results but also so the patient is as safe as possible.


Wax the virtual market

World Asset eXchange (WAX) is a virtual marketplace that enables people to fully operate without necessarily investing in infrastructure, security or payment processes. WAX is a development done by the founders of OPSkins, a leading online video game assets trade center. according to its design, Wax is capable of serving over FOUR million players collecting, buying and selling in-game items.

WAX is headed by Malcolm CasSelle who is also the CIO of OPSkins. formerly the president and CTO of Tronic (previously known as Tribune Publishing), Malcolm lead properties leveraging digital assets’ rapid growth. Malcolm also worked at SeaChange international at the posts of SVP and GM of digital media.In addition, the digital industry experience startups as a result of Malcolm’s leadership.These include a leading solution to digital subscription by major media companies, a 22M social network for gamers called Xfire.

Malcolm was also the co-founder of PCCW in his early carer, a Hong Kong-based publicly traded telecom company. In his career, Malcolm insisted on raising a lot of funds for PCCW’s public offering as well as for other private transactions. Malcolm is both a Japanese and Mandarin speaker.He holds degrees in computer science from Stanford University and MIT.

buyers select, pay (in WAX tokens) and accept the item using the WAX’s simple exchange widget without necessarily leaving the site that they are on. Through interaction with the WAX platform, any buyer can view and purchase a product from any seller. Problems experienced by digital time traders such as fees paid for processing of high payments and limited inventory access will be solved by WAX through decentralization.The size of items trading will increase by eliminating these barriers way beyond the current $50 billion size.

Through the wax platform, buyers from all over the world are enabled to access the global pool of supplies of virtual goods without encountering any financial risks.Through blockchain technology, wax tokens allow easy tokenizing of an exchange of cryptocurrency. By the smart contract during the transaction, trustless trading between sellers and buyers is permitted. Millions of traders will be allowed through a decentralized platform to create their own virtual stores. This will provide instant payments, trust, and security which will lead to attractions of new players into the ecosystem under constant growth.


Rodrigo Terpins And The Latest Race He Just Won

At this point in time and career of Rodrigo Terpins, you may think that there’s nothing already that he hasn’t done in his racing career. The Brazilian driver may appear that he has already done everything because of the fact that you can read his name online all the time. But, the fact of the matter is that he’s just getting started. For the sole purpose of recapping what he’s recently done in his racing career, this article will share some of the latest news from about him. Shall we start?

One of the Longest Races

According to terra, at the present and exciting time of Rodrigo Terpins exciting life, one of the races that he did was the Sertoes Rally, which was more than 2,000 kilometers in scale, and composed of around 7 stages and 2 stages. It may even be say to say that it is currently the largest off-race in Brazil to date. In the event that you find some bigger race that can question this, then you may email the racer himself and tell them that the race he was in isn’t the biggest, but trust us, it is. It’s so big that the fact that Rodrigo Terpins and his team was in it would make it an even more memorable experience.

The team that Rodrigo Terpins was in had joined the Prototypes T1 category, and luckily enough, they seized the 8th position, which included Fabricio Bianchini in its team. This achievement is not only impressive but also showed a lot of promise of where Rodrigo Terpins can still go in the next races.

In spite of the dire fact that the race was a tumultuous and dangerous one, the victory that Rodrigo Terpins experienced makes it all worth it. With the expertise that comes with the team of Rodrigo Terpins, there was no challenge that would seem insurmountable, and no obstacle would be left to chance. Everything was calculated, and that’s one of the reasons that contributed to the success. On at least three separate occasions in the tracks, the expertise of the team really went head to head with its limits, but even, or because of those challenges, the team still won the victory it aimed for. For more info, visit Rodrigo Terpins’ crunchbase page.

MB2 Dental Breaks the Stigma on Traditional Dentistry

Many dental practices today face the challenge of finding quality staff for dental, customer service, accounting, marketing, and procurement services. As they try to find the best professionals for these tasks, it is easy for these practices to get caught up in the hustle and fail to deliver quality dental services. That is why Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in 2009 to help dental practices with most of these services so that they can focus on delivering quality dental care to their patients.

MB2 dental is, therefore, a company that helps practices make improvements in their operating standards. These developments are meant actually to benefit the patients who patronize them. The company under the management of Dr. Chris provides services such as human resources, finance, accounting, recruiting, billing, procurement, and business development. When dental services hand over these tasks to an independent company like MB2, they can be assured of the highest standards of quality and professionalism in their facilities.

When Dr. Chris graduated from dental school, he had an option of either joining a dental practice or starting his own private company. He had the idea of creating a model where he could enjoy the independence and ownership that comes with having his practice, while still benefiting from state of the art technology, shared best practices, and economies of scale. By founding MB2 dental, he got to enjoy the best of both worlds.

MB2 has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2009. While it started as one facility, the practice has now grown and opened over 60 affiliate facilities in six states in the United States. MB2 has been founded on the principle that when they come together, dentists can help each other achieve much more than they could have if they went out individually.

MB2 has shattered the stigma of traditional dentistry where practices have drab and uninspired management. Through outsourcing to firms like MB2, facilities can now get fresh new ideas and talent for their operations. MB2’s innovations are meant to improve operating standards which in turn leads to happier practitioners. This is the key to realizing growth in the dental industry.

Dr. Chris Steven appreciates the role that technology has been playing in transforming dental health care. Going forward, the management team of MB2 intends to leverage tech to improve service delivery and promote quality dental care in the industry.

MB2 dental Youtube Channel:

Tony Petrello Makes Houston The Center Of His Charitable Activities

As the saying goes that a friend in need is a friend indeed, that is the case with the Houston based companies and businesses such as the Nabors countries, Houston Food Bank, H-EB among many others that assisted the local community at their hour of need. The year of 2017 marked a severer catastrophic event called the Hurricane Harvey that hit Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas and would go down in history and the minds of the people for a long time before it would be forgotten. Several streets flooded, properties worth millions destroyed and the supply of essential requirements such as food and shelter could not meet the growing demand. Many thanks to the Houston businesses that stepped up to provide vital aids to the affected people.

From time to time, the employees of the local drilling company participated in an array of community development services, fundraising for various projects among others. They have made this a culture that the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Mr. Tony Petrello is proud and passionate about it. When the Hurricane Harvey devastated the city, Tony allowed his workers to offer relief efforts at any time whenever they were needed. Such efforts by the workers were rewarded by a better pay as a sign of appreciation for the service. On a regular day, the employees would take their time in the fitness center and sometimes take some coffee at the Naborhood Café.

The Yale University graduate, Tony Petrello identified professor Serge Lang as his mentor. The experience and exposure he got from Lang who was a renowned mathematician as well as a respected author, positively impacted his life. Unfortunately, the professor died recently and during his memorial service, Tony donated at least $150, 000 as an endowment fee. Tony met with his wife Cynthia while in college. The duo became not only couples but also close allies that were passionate about education. They both ventured into various charitable endeavors together and made Houston the center of their activities. However, Tony Petrello was initially from New Jersey.

Tony Petrello’s career life kicked off from Baker and McKenzie law firm in 1979 after he graduated from Harvard University in Harvard Law School with a J.D degree. Besides, he has an MS degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Tony held the position of Managing Partner at the Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1986 to 1991 before joining Nabors industries.


Lacey and Larkin Shoot the Devil in the Heart

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been a beacon of light for human rights during a time where we treat immigrants as if they are beasts of burden. This Fund supports other organizations by training and equipping them on how to address the issues of civil and immigrant rights, as well as, the need for the freedom of speech.

This Fund has also been known to donate capital to other non-profits to strengthen the ranks of those fighting against tyrannical immigration laws.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was started after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the Maricopa County for $3.75 million because of the illegal activities that Sheriff Joe Arpaio enacted on them and their fellow man.

Lacey and Jim discovered that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was explicitly persecuting Hispanics with the Maricopa County Police Department.

It began with the mass layoffs that Arpaio claimed were due to budget cuts. This was not true. Lacey and Larkin discovered an internal memo that discussed letting police officers go who were not racist enough against Hispanics.

The two men then discovered another email where Arpaio describes interviewing new police officers to take the place of the old ones. His main search criterion was this question, “do they take the Hispanic problem seriously?”

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also found a chart created by Sheriff Joe Arpaio that described progressive rewards based on the number of Hispanics an officer brought in for interrogation.

This money, it was discovered, came from misappropriated funds. Arpaio claimed them as “bonuses for overtime.” They were just an excuse to encourage racism. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Perhaps the most disheartening thing Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin uncovered was that Sheriff Joe Arpaio routinely threw Hispanics into jail cells that were known among all as the “Mexi-cells.” These cells were left unclean and unkempt. At first, this seems innocent enough. However, these cells often failed health inspections because of their propensity to spread disease.

Arpaio knew this and would place Hispanics in these cells so that they would get sick. Once that happened, underneath Arizona law, he could deny them medical care. Several Hispanics died this way.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin blew the lid on all these evils, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio illegally detained them after obtaining a fraudulent warrant when they refused to give him their evidence. It was this fascist act that won them the lawsuit.

Securus Technologies deploys its Wireless Containment System to stop crime

Ask any prison guard what the most serious threat to institutional safety they face on a daily basis is, and they’ll likely tell you that it is the ability of prison gangs to communicate with the outside world over illicit cellular devices.


Ever since the first practical, handheld cell phones began coming on the market in the mid-90s, contraband cell phones have posed an horrific threat to the safety of the country’s penal institutions. These devices are often smuggled in through visitors to the prison, delivery or other service employees or even guards themselves, who may be collecting payment from organized gangs operating within the prison system.


Contraband cell phones are no laughing matter


Many people who are not familiar with the U.S. prison system and the dynamics within it have no sense of just how great the magnitude of the problem posed by illicit cellular devices is. Each year in the United States, thousands of witnesses to major felony cases are intimidated by gangs on the inside of prison communicating with so-called soldiers on the outside. Witness intimidation is a widespread, serious problem faced by the American court system, which frequently results in cases becoming unprosecutable and major felons being set free.


But an even more serious problem with illegal cell phones is the direct threat to the safety of guards, their families and other civilians on the outside of prison. For various reasons, guards may incur the ire of gang leaders, also known as shot-callers. This is the case of an ex prison guard named Robert Johnson, who, in 2011, was shot six times at his own home as he prepared to leave for work.


Johnson had been involved as a member of the prison’s SERT team in confiscations of contraband. One of the packages that he intercepted contained more than $50,000 worth of drugs. The gang who was the intended recipient of the delivery became enraged that Johnson would not play ball and deliver the package, as had many other guards who were on the gang’s payroll. They decided to retaliate.


Using an illegal cell phone that the gang leadership was able to use from within the prison, a hit was ordered on Johnson. One of the gang’s soldiers on the outside went to Johnson’s home, broke in the front door and unloaded six shots into his torso before fleeing. Miraculously, Johnson survived.


After 23 surgeries and years of excruciating pain, Johnson is slowly recovering from the ordeal. He now works as a sales agent for Securus Technologies, the company that has deployed the largest network of contraband cell phone interdiction equipment in the nation’s prisons. Johnson believes strongly that Securus’ Wireless Containment System will one day be deployed in all of the nation’s prisons, saving countless lives.


US Money Reserve Gives Aid To Austin Disaster Victims

The recent hurricane has left Austin Texas in horrible condition, but the US Money Reserve is doing everything it can to help them recover and hopefully turn a leaf around. People normally don’t believe the US Money Reserve has the ability to help them out, but the precious metal distributor is teaming up with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to do everything it can to give the people of Austin a break. The support is greatly appreciated and has helped Austin get back on its feet. Others have followed the example and done their own thing to make things better.


The US Money Reserve is a precious metal distributor providing U.S Mint sourced gold and silver to those who would like to make a stronger investment in their future. They are well aware of all the reasons people want to invest and they help them find a way to do it. Some people simply want something they can hold in their hands to invest in and this is one of the most promising ways to achieve that. Regardless, it’s attracting lot of people who want to find a way to take care of their financial worries in an easy, simple way. Learn more:

Precious metals make an ideal investment for a number of reasons. They gain value as economies crumble, they’ve been used for thousands of years, and they are some of the most reliable ways to plan for your retirement. The US Money Reserve understands this better than anybody else and does everything it can to make sure the customers who purchase from them are getting top notch gold. Obviously, US Money Reserve is a private entity, but the precious metals come from sources controlled by the American government. This means customers can be certain they are getting something they can trust.


US Money Reserve has been in its business for years. People have come to rely on them for their precious metal investment for years. The ability to invest in something you can hold in the palms of your hand is an important one. You can always see your shares in a corporation lose value or have housing values in your neighborhood drop, but you’ll always have something with value if you buy gold and silver. They are the standards used across the world and they have been used to preserve economies in times of economic crisis. This is a chance for everyone to invest. Learn more:



The Outstanding Career of Jim Larkin as a Labor Organizer

Jim Larkin has remained in the hearts of many people in the United States because of his accomplishments. Many people remember him as an established Irish labor organizer who fought for the rights of workers in the country. Jim is the founder of an institution known as Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

The foundation was introduced into the market more than one century ago, and its main objective was to make sure that workers received the best treatment at their workplace.

The union grew under his leadership, becoming one of the most successful and influential workers union that have ever existed in Ireland. After serving the country for more than ten years, Jim decided to relocate and look for greener pastures in the United States.

While he was away, his trade union did not survive due to his absence. The union later collapsed. Jim was always passionate about helping the less fortunate people in the society. His upbringing played a critical role in his career life.

When growing up, Jim’s parents were poor, and they could not afford most of the luxuries of life. They brought up him in one of the largest slums in the country, and Jim never got an opportunity to attend good schools and acquire decent education.

The parents earned very little at the end of the month, and this is why Jim had to look for any type of work so that he could support them. After looking for jobs for a while, Jim was hired to work as a foreman in Liverpool.

Although Jim Larkin was later deported from the United States and returned to his home country, he left a legacy that has been remembered by many people in the country. Most of his trade unions did well for years until 1940’s.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia