Kim Dao Goes to Meguro & Yoyogi Park to Look at Cherry Blossoms

Kim Dao filmed this video on April 4th of this year. Kim Dao is going to look at some Sukura plants with her friend Vienna who she has known for a long long time and has not seen in quite some time because their schedules could not line up. Kim Dao and Vienna walked around the park a little and got a little something to eat. She was disappointed that there were not too many Sukura plants in the Yoyogi Park. Because of the cold weather, the Sukura plant is late in blooming. They had hoped to go to Meguro Park to see cherry blossoms, but the very cold Japanese weather is causing a delay in these flowers blooming.


Kim Dao and Vienna bought little cakes at a place called Attre. They took the subway to Nagoya. When they got off the subway and into the area, the girls found food stands. They were really looking for a place to eat their cakes. Kim Dao and her friend went to look for a little mini mall. They were hoping to have dinner sometime before they left. One of the cakes looks like white grape pie with white grapes on the top. One looked like a small round cup cake with white confectioners sugar on top. Kim Dao and Vienna stopped at a Cafe called Great Burger. Kim Dao got the Mozzerella Burger with chips on side. Vienna ate a tossed salad before returning to Yoyogi Park and then going home.

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