Robotic Cancer Treatment with Dr. David Samadi

David Samadi is known far and wide for his ground-breaking work as the Chairman of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill, a New York-based hospital. Dr. Samadi has served in these two positions since 2012, and in the same year, he received a posting as a Urology professor at Hofstra Northshore School of Medicine. This appointment received an extensive publication as a big win for the medical institution because of David’s excellence in the medical profession and his innovative surgical developments in cancer treatment.

David Samadi’s background sheds a lot of light on how he has managed to achieve a lot in such a competitive field. David and his brother fled a politically horrible situation in Iran back in 1979 after the great revolution in that country to pursue his studies abroad. During his years in high school, he studied at several schools in the United States, London and Belgium. It took earnest determination and motivation for Samadi to travel around the world looking for a better future for himself and his family too. Along with his brother, they finally made the U.S their home. David joined Stony Brook University where he studied his degree in biochemistry.

Due to his outstanding academic excellence and the determination to succeed, Samadi received a full scholarship from Stony Brook University. This scholarship enabled him to make big strides towards his ultimate dream of becoming a medical expert because he managed to finish his training with honors. He later went to Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as Montefiore Medical Center to perfect his expertise as a urologist. After his studies, Mr.Samadi received an award as one of the most promising future urologists.

Over the years, Dr. David has demonstrated to be the most excellent prostate surgeon, committed to offering compassionate and effective treatment of prostate cancer. He assists men of all walks of life to overcome their issues while upholding the highest quality of life even after prostate surgery. David has performed over 7000 robotic surgeries, earning his position as one of the chief prostate surgeons across the globe.

Dr. B. Samadi is the only surgeon who uses da Vinci robotic system to perform SMART surgery technique and also one of the lead prostate surgeons in New York City. Recently he launched Dr. David Samadi TV, a TV show featuring relevant health topics that provide the public with advice and sought-after answers on good health. Dr. Samadi aims to reach and assist more people this year by including medical specialists from across the world as guests on this live streaming broadcast.