Academy of Art Institutes Rip The Runway

Fashion week is one of the most highly anticipated events in the fashion industry. Every year, aspiring models and fashion lovers use New York Fashion Week as a platform to showcase their talents. The start of Fashion Week 2017 marked the 21st runway show for the San Fransisco based Academy of Art University. For 15 minutes, models strutted down the runway in custom pieces designed by ten recent MFA and BFA graduates. The diversity of the student population was displayed through their unique designs, which wowed fashion legends.


Since 1929 the Academy of Art University has committed themselves to empowering others to embrace their talents, and bring diversity and inspiration to the community. By providing quality training and education in the fields of communication, art, and design, the University promises to deliver the most student-driven degree programs. From undergraduate programs to graduate degrees and certificates, the Academy of Art Institute is preparing their graduates for long-term success in their field.


Believing that all students with the desire and willingness to learn should have equal opportunity, the University exercises a “No-Barrier” Admissions policy. Students who are interested in pursuing a degree at the Academy of Art Institute have no prerequisite requirements other than a passion for art and a desire for learning and developing their skills. Faculty and staff work together to form a tight-knit support group for both students and the surrounding community. This collaborative atmosphere paired with the drive and passion of each student has established the Academy of Art University as leaders in art education.


When founder Richard S. Stephens started the University in 1929, he built its foundation on his passion for advertising art. The painter and magazine editor turned businessman lead the school until 1951 when his son Richard A. Stephens followed in his father’s footsteps and assumed the position as head of the school. In 1992, his daughter, Elisa Stephens was named the president and student enrollment began o significantly increase. Today, more than 12,500 aspiring artists are getting their start at the Academy of Art University.

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