Prevention Is Where Healthcare Begins, According To Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening offers preventative health screening services. They are able to detect illnesses and problems before they become a dangerous issue. This way, many health complications can be avoided.

There are three kinds of preventative health screening that Life Line Screening provides. There are ultrasound screenings, which are also called sonograms. Ultrasounds are painless and use high-frequency waves to get echoes back. They are used to detect fetuses, but are also very helpful in areas such as obstetrics, ophthalmology, and cardiology. Life Line Screening uses Doppler color flow ultrasound technology, which does state of the art screening for issues such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease, osteoporosis risk, and carotid artery disease.

Then there are finger stick blood screenings. These can be used to help identify risks of diabetes or heart disease. They prick the finger and take drops of blood, a well known procedure. The tools that Life Line Screening uses are FDA approved and are used in the major hospitals and labs around the country. These blood screenings are used to measure cholesterol, glucose, C-reactive protein, elevated liver enzymes, and much more.

Then there is the Limited electrocardiograph procedure. This is used to detect irregular heartbeat. It’s quick, not invasive and you don’t even have to remove clothes in order to do it.

Life Line Screening is committed to its patients and making sure that they are protected from any future illnesses. They believe that prevention is where healthcare starts. Of course, the tests you will need will depend on your medical history and risk factors. It will also depend on your age. You will be able to consult with a health professional at Life Line Screening who will help you determine the screenings that you need at the present time. You can also consult with your family doctor about screenings you need.

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