The Secret behind the Success of Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a Texas-based investment firm run and owned by Richard Blair. It is accredited by the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Blair boasts of an experience spanning back decades. According to Blair, each client deserves a tailor-made asset management solution and plan to help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

The services offered by his firm empowers the community around to make better financial investment planning and decisions. The majority of the solutions presented by the accountants and the other financial experts at the firm focus on how the client invests in the present.

They also delve into how one saves for their retirements. Wealth Solutions is founded and guided by a three pillar policy approach.

Here’s the three pillar approach deployed by the investment firm.

  1. Laying the financial roadmap

Mr. Blair’s firm begins the process of managing, growing and securing your future by going through your financial books. The experts are interested in ascertaining the health status of the client at this point and juncture.

  1. Formulating a Plan of Action

According to Creditor Weekly, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, as an investment firm, is staffed with all caliber of experts. This vast professional pool makes it possible for the clients to get broad-ranging and diverse advice and consultation.

Consequently, they stand a much better chance of making better, more informed decisions moving forward. The originally carved-out plans are dynamic and versatile. They can be revised and adjusted in line with the prevailing market conditions.

  1. Pillar 3

Once the consultants evaluate the financial status and the goals of their client, it is now time to develop effective strategies capable of achieving them.

About Richard Blair

Blair comes from a long-line of teachers. His grandmother and his mother were teachers. From an early age, Blair was able to decipher the strong correlation existing between teaching and the maturing of one’s confidence.

Coupled with an innate passion for the finance world, Blair continued learning and amassing more knowledge on the financial world until he felt confident enough to set up Wealth Solutions in 1994.

Richard Blair Wealth Solution graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He’s a certified member of the Retirement Income Certified Professionals (RICP).

His privately-owned firm reported revenue earnings of $1.4 million in the previous financial year. The firm currently employs seven employees at its headquarters in Austin, Texas.