Lacey and Larkin Shoot the Devil in the Heart

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been a beacon of light for human rights during a time where we treat immigrants as if they are beasts of burden. This Fund supports other organizations by training and equipping them on how to address the issues of civil and immigrant rights, as well as, the need for the freedom of speech.

This Fund has also been known to donate capital to other non-profits to strengthen the ranks of those fighting against tyrannical immigration laws.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was started after Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the Maricopa County for $3.75 million because of the illegal activities that Sheriff Joe Arpaio enacted on them and their fellow man.

Lacey and Jim discovered that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was explicitly persecuting Hispanics with the Maricopa County Police Department.

It began with the mass layoffs that Arpaio claimed were due to budget cuts. This was not true. Lacey and Larkin discovered an internal memo that discussed letting police officers go who were not racist enough against Hispanics.

The two men then discovered another email where Arpaio describes interviewing new police officers to take the place of the old ones. His main search criterion was this question, “do they take the Hispanic problem seriously?”

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also found a chart created by Sheriff Joe Arpaio that described progressive rewards based on the number of Hispanics an officer brought in for interrogation.

This money, it was discovered, came from misappropriated funds. Arpaio claimed them as “bonuses for overtime.” They were just an excuse to encourage racism. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Perhaps the most disheartening thing Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin uncovered was that Sheriff Joe Arpaio routinely threw Hispanics into jail cells that were known among all as the “Mexi-cells.” These cells were left unclean and unkempt. At first, this seems innocent enough. However, these cells often failed health inspections because of their propensity to spread disease.

Arpaio knew this and would place Hispanics in these cells so that they would get sick. Once that happened, underneath Arizona law, he could deny them medical care. Several Hispanics died this way.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin blew the lid on all these evils, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio illegally detained them after obtaining a fraudulent warrant when they refused to give him their evidence. It was this fascist act that won them the lawsuit.