Securus Technologies: The Achievements It Receives and The Challenges It Faces

One exciting thing we can read from the news source The Drone Life is about the new program from Securus Technologies in its attempt to combat the threats to public security in correctional facilities. Today, Securus is the leader in tech programs that enable the justice department to investigate, analyze and protect the inmates that are being monitored dangerously by the prison officers. With the new addition of the drone technology, Securus sustains its rank as one of the most innovative companies today that can understand the threats of modern tech and find solutions for them.


The Drone Solution

One big problem today in correctional facilities is the fact that drones are now transporting goods from outside and into the prison, and these goods could contain firearms, drugs and cellphones and another miscellany that could be a threat to the society. We already heard that news report about prison officer Robert Johnson when he was shot in his home because an inmate got hold of a cellphone. Such report would be impossible to avoid if solutions like what Securus offers didn’t exist. The Drone technology from Securus would also make sure that weapons delivery in prisons would be prevented and avoided. This is not an easy task to do, but the fact that Securus has spent about 18 months of their life evaluating which kind of technology would be apt for such problem and which type of program to use would mean that they should know what they’re doing.

This Drone Technology would be able to stop all the other drones flying near the correction offices. This anti-drone tech is still in beta mode, so its effectivity is still a work in progress, and it might still have weaknesses that would be hard to monitor. It’s still undergoing trials and soliciting investments to improve its tech, but even if it’s still not perfect, we at least can be consoled by the fact that we already have a weapon against the threats of malicious drones.


The Securus Awards

Speaking of Securus, another interesting news lately about the company is that it recently won an award for a stellar performance in its Customer Services and Sales Department. Reported from BusinessWire, Securus has won three Customer Service Awards this 2018 from the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service award-giving body. I think this award is another reason that would cement Securus as today’s top tech-enabled solutions company that address public safety and law enforcement challenges today. There are also government payment services in Securus line of products, but it’s truly their efforts to address security threats and to protect the public from malicious intent that make them admirable. I believe that the awards they get in Sales and Customer Service are just a start. Later on, their security products would be the next in line to receive recognition.


Securus Technologies deploys its Wireless Containment System to stop crime

Ask any prison guard what the most serious threat to institutional safety they face on a daily basis is, and they’ll likely tell you that it is the ability of prison gangs to communicate with the outside world over illicit cellular devices.


Ever since the first practical, handheld cell phones began coming on the market in the mid-90s, contraband cell phones have posed an horrific threat to the safety of the country’s penal institutions. These devices are often smuggled in through visitors to the prison, delivery or other service employees or even guards themselves, who may be collecting payment from organized gangs operating within the prison system.


Contraband cell phones are no laughing matter


Many people who are not familiar with the U.S. prison system and the dynamics within it have no sense of just how great the magnitude of the problem posed by illicit cellular devices is. Each year in the United States, thousands of witnesses to major felony cases are intimidated by gangs on the inside of prison communicating with so-called soldiers on the outside. Witness intimidation is a widespread, serious problem faced by the American court system, which frequently results in cases becoming unprosecutable and major felons being set free.


But an even more serious problem with illegal cell phones is the direct threat to the safety of guards, their families and other civilians on the outside of prison. For various reasons, guards may incur the ire of gang leaders, also known as shot-callers. This is the case of an ex prison guard named Robert Johnson, who, in 2011, was shot six times at his own home as he prepared to leave for work.


Johnson had been involved as a member of the prison’s SERT team in confiscations of contraband. One of the packages that he intercepted contained more than $50,000 worth of drugs. The gang who was the intended recipient of the delivery became enraged that Johnson would not play ball and deliver the package, as had many other guards who were on the gang’s payroll. They decided to retaliate.


Using an illegal cell phone that the gang leadership was able to use from within the prison, a hit was ordered on Johnson. One of the gang’s soldiers on the outside went to Johnson’s home, broke in the front door and unloaded six shots into his torso before fleeing. Miraculously, Johnson survived.


After 23 surgeries and years of excruciating pain, Johnson is slowly recovering from the ordeal. He now works as a sales agent for Securus Technologies, the company that has deployed the largest network of contraband cell phone interdiction equipment in the nation’s prisons. Johnson believes strongly that Securus’ Wireless Containment System will one day be deployed in all of the nation’s prisons, saving countless lives.


Securus Technology’s Reputation of Innovative, Efficient, and Reliable Prison Technology

From 1989 up to today, Securus Technologies maintains its reputation of being the top among the best prison technology companies in the United States. The company that was for a long time headed by Mr. Richard Falcone as its CEO and board chairman positioned itself well in the tech industry in 1990. The company achieved this by making important acquisitions and upholding innovation and consistency as the basis on which it operates. Entering the new millennium, Mr. Falcone led the company in making additional acquisitions and entering into new markets. Syscon Justice Systems, Evercom, and T-Netix were some of the companies that were acquired by Securus between 2000 and 2007.

CEO Rick Smith

When Richard Falcone left the company and his successor, Mr. Rick Smith, took over in June 2008, the company was already in good shape and ready to take over the correctional tech market in both USA and Canada. Mr. Smith has spent the last one-decade building on what Falcone had managed to do and judging by the achievements the company has made to this end; he is doing an excellent job. Under him, the company has seen its clients increase to over 2,600 correctional facilities.

Over a period of less than five years, Mr. Smith has led Securus Technology to unimaginable heights. To begin with, the company increased its staff to over a thousand people, some of which were assigned digital marketing roles. Secondly, the company managed to make investments to the tune of $600 million much of which went to acquisitions and technology. Most importantly, the company was able to effectively install the Wireless Containment Solution that significantly improved the security detail in jails and prisons.

Customer Review

Correctional facilities that are served by Securus Technology stand out from the rest in terms of security and efficiency. Last year, the company made public some of the review emails, letters, and text messages that prison officials send in appreciation of the technology availed to them. What was common in all of them is the fact that their job had gotten easier after installing Securus’ technology. Over and above that, crime rates had significantly been reduced.


Securus Technologies – Preventing Crime And Assisting Law Enforcement Agencies Perform Their Duties Better

The prisoners have a tough time in jail staying away from their friends and family. The incarceration experience is modernized with the help of companies such as Securus Technologies, which is a market leader in the field of prison telecommunications and criminal justice technology. The company helped millions of families to stay connected with their family members who are in jail. It helps the inmates as well to remain in touch with their loved one, which is essential for them during their time in jail.

Securus Technologies has over 600 patents to its name and serves over 3,450 correctional agencies and law enforcement bodies in the United States. The products and services of the company reach out to over 1,200,000 inmates in the United States. The company continues to develop and innovate new products in order to provide better services to its customers. In a recent development, the company has won the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service, which further showcases the commitment of the business towards its vast clientele.

Securus Technologies recently published a press release online, which mentions the feedback, reviews and letters of some of the customers of the company. Securus Technologies receive letter of appreciation in thousands each week as to how the company’s products and services are helping transforming their lives and making a positive impact. It speaks of how the correctional agencies are able to modernize and transform the incarceration experience.

Press Release also goes on to showcase how company’s products and services help law enforcement officers to perform smartly and timely. As a customer of the company myself, I have used their services for investigation purposes a few times, and the information they make available is truly invaluable to the case. It helps in convicting the offenders by making the evidence easily accessible and also prevents crime before any major damage is done.

Securus Technologies Shows why GTL is not a Company to be Trusted

Securus Technologies is a leading company in the public correction facilities. It has come out to set a record for its success in prison communication. Just like every day living, any success with an endeavor makes other jealous. I find that Global Tel Link has been jealous of the success achieved by Securus. GTL has come out and made false claims against Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has fortunately come out clearly and set things straight. The firm was able to correct all the inaccurate statements made by GTL. I noted from the press release that Securus releases nothing but facts. In one instance, Securus Technologies that GTL had mischaracterized the purpose of the ruling made by the PTAB. It showed that GTL made allegations that were not based on facts.


Richard Smith is the company Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He has come out and spoken publicly to refute claims made by GTL. Speaking in a recent press release, he stated that his company had done a lot as far as technology is concerned. He added that the firm had invested a lot regarding patents throughout its years of operations. GTL is a new company that has been in operation for close to a decade. GTL doesn’t have enough patents and license. However, the company has been trying to stay ahead of the competition by putting other companies down.

Securus Technologies is a leading company in the public correction facilities. The company avails its service to law and order companies, governments and prisons. The company has offered the best services to clients. To mark the exemplary services, BBB recently rated the company with an A+. It is a true indication that Securus Technologies has strived to serve. The rating is based on the quality of services offered by a company and customer experience.


Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

How Securus Crime Prevention and Solving Technologies are Assisting Correctional Agencies Prevent and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies, in Dallas, TX is receiving positive feedback from customers in the correctional and law enforcement industry. The inmate communications provider released on October 16th, 2016 some of the reviews received from its loyal facility customers. With almost 250 patents included in its portfolio, the company is the leading holder of patents issued by the U.S. States Patent Office. Our latest crime prevention and solving technologies are assisting detectives and officials on a daily basis.

A correctional facility retrieved incriminating information from phone calls to obtain a search warrant.

Another facility customer wrote a letter to us thanking Securus Technologies for assisting with monitoring calls. The customer used our phone call monitoring software to detect and prevent illegal activities, including the sale of drugs and inmate use of drugs and alcohol.

A sheriff department said in a review that our LBS technology has helped recover millions of dollars in illegal cash monies, drugs, and assets. Other correctional facilities are saying Securus Technologies products are improving securities and safety measures in jails.

BBB Accredited, Securus Technologies is extending an invitation to all their loyal customers, investors, and correctional facilities to visit our Technology Center, in Dallas. Our technologists provide demonstrations on how crime and solving products or services work to make facilities safer.

Over 1.2 million inmates in the United States are being serviced in jails and prisons using our technologies. Securus is presently providing services to 3.4 thousand correctional, public safety, and law enforcement facilities. Visit our Technology Center for a private presentation of emergency response, public information, inmate self-service, information inmate, and monitoring products/services.

Securus Technologies Creates News

When Securus Technologies acclaims for their workers and their company, they are always excited. This time it was for the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International. The certifications were given to 11 of the Securus Technologies specialists. Both Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International are going to utilized the certifications to make more inroads in their particular industries.


What Is Important At Securus Technologies?


Within the doors of Securus Technologies lies a company that regard work ethics as the very tops in the field of the day. Securus Technologies gives guidance and equipment to the justice organizations in North America, by using the highest levels of technology available. At Securus Technologies, they are proud to make the public safety an important measure and deal with monitoring and other means, even of one million prisoners that keep the country safe.


How About BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International?


When you visit BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, there is a company that is abuzz with new and interesting techniques. BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International is in the business of helping the information and technology communications field. During a day at BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, workers take on huge responsibilities. The great strides that BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International have made, make them look to the future without hesitation.


As a leader in their field, Securus Technologies is looking to make better technologies for the public safety. They are always interested in creating even more equipment that can produce inroads in the public safety arena. Securus Technologies sees no end to what they can produce, and they are interested in increasing their lead in their field on a regular basis.