Oncotarget: Improving Oncology Research

Oncotarget is a leading medical journal that publishes papers on oncology. Oncology is the study of the treatment and prevention of cancer. Oncotarget was started in 2010. It is released online on a weekly basis. Print articles are also available to anyone upon request.

Two professors edit the journal at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. These include Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Gudkov is the Garman Family Chair in Cell biology and the senior vice president for basic research. Gudkov is also the chief scientific officer of Cleveland BioLabs and the founder of Tartis Inc. Blagosklonny is an oncology professor. He has written numerous papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals. Blagosklonny has served as the associate editor of several other publications including PLOS ONE, Cell Cycle, Cell Death Differentiation, and Autophagy.

Oncotarget also has an editorial board that is made up of distinguished researchers and scientists. Its editors include scientists who have won some of the top prizes in the medical field including the Lasker Prize and the Breakthrough Prize. The journal’s editors have been responsible for the growth and success of Oncotarget and the position that it holds today. Learn more about Oncotarget at researchgate.net

The journal expanded the number of topics that it covers to include endocrinology, cell biology, aging, and neuroscience. The success of the journal led the editors to decide that it would be best if it covered other topics that relate to oncology. This has helped to foster collaboration between researchers from different fields and the elimination of the borders between them.

The journal had an impact factor of 5.0 in 2016 and an average of 5.4 over the past seven years. This places it among the top peer-reviewed journals in the world. Oncotarget has been ranked highly by Scopus in the oncology category and medicine in general since 2011.

Oncotarget makes it easier for discoveries to be shared around the world because it is released online for free. This means that anyone from around the world can view the papers in the journal at no cost. It also increases the impact of research because of the number of people who have access to the journal.

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