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One of the most important aspects of any business is compensating its employees. Companies opt for different ways of doing it, but there are strict laws in place that lay out the steps companies must take when compensating their employees. One of the ways was to offer employees stock options, and it seemed to be an excellent way to boost their income every month. Employees then could decide what they wanted to do with the stock and act accordingly. IN recent years, however, many firms have stopped this kind of rewarding system for their employees, and there are several reasons for this shift. There are three big things companies run into if they want to offer this reward policy even though the reasoning is quite complex.


The costs of this kind of reward system can go quite high up. The markets are not very stable, and even though people might not be able to reap the benefits, the costs would still come in. People have grown distrustful of this idea because the shift in the economy can make this kind of thing worth nothing. Accounting sees it as a burden as well because of all the paperwork involved in the process. The costs for the company might be higher than the advantages on the financial side. Therefore, more and more companies abandon this idea and only find other things.


If the company wants to get some advice on these matters, one of the best people to talk to is Jeremy Goldstein. He is a lawyer who is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. It is not a big law firm, but they deal with many different companies. The law firm and Jeremy Goldstein offer advice about compensations and different policies connected with them. They also offer advice about all the legal aspects of employee compensating.


Jeremy Goldstein has worked with several large enterprises, helping to find solutions for complex cases. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and then later the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about his work and colleagues state that Jeremy Goldstein is someone who can always find a creative solution for a complicated legal issue. He has extensive experience with business law, and he also understands markets and market changes very well bringing best of the worlds of law and business together to help his clients reach the best possible outcome on different matters.


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Jeremy Goldstein – Experienced Lawyer in New York, Specializing in Corporate and Compliance Law

One of the biggest troubles of the people when facing a legal case or a lawsuit is to which lawyer to hire. Even though there are many experienced lawyers out there, one of the biggest confusion of the people is to find the right lawyer for the case. It is this dilemma that is addressed by the recently launched service of New York State Bar Association.



The Lawyer Information and Referral Service of the New York State Bar Association have recently launched an online service that helps the clients to find a lawyer who is suitable for the case in hand. The clients can easily log on to the online portal, fill a questionnaire, and wait for the response of the service. The details provided by the client is matched by the legal professionals working at the New York State Bar Association, who then suggest a lawyer in the client’s community that is suitably qualified to take up the said case.



It made the entire process of hiring a verified and experienced lawyer a breeze. With this service fully functioning, the clients do not have to worry about wandering through the internet or in the legal directory as to which lawyer to hire. It is a time taking a process that ends up confusing the clients, but this new service would mean a stop to all such hassles.



Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most respected lawyers in the New York State. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has won hundreds of cases for his clients in the field of compliance law, corporate law, finance law, merger and acquisition, and more. Jeremy Goldstein thoroughly studies the case he takes to ensure that he can come up with a unique approach to the case and get the outcome client deserves. Jeremy Goldstein has years of experience in the legal business and is the founder and partner at the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC.


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Madison County benefits from new system that connects clients with lawyers

Recently the New York State Bar association has unveiled Innovative technology that will allow customers and lawyers to connect with each other with more ease and efficiency than ever before. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is a system designed to connect clients seeking a specific type of legal practice with the lawyers in their immediate area who are competent to effectively litigate that area of the law.


Unlike some other web-based systems, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service will allow customers to fill out a detailed questionnaire online, which will then be reviewed manually by actual staff of the New York State Bar association. The New York State Bar association has more than 35 years of experience connecting potential clients with the most appropriate and most competent lawyers in their immediate area. All lawyers that will be referred through the lawyer referral and information system are bar certified in the state of New York and have proven track record of delivering quality service to their clients.



About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most prominent executive compensation lawyers in the country. With a career spanning more than 15 years with famed Law firm Wachtel Lipton, Goldstein has worked on some of the largest merger, acquisition and corporate restructuring cases in the history of the United States. These include the acquisition of Sears Roebuck and Company by the Kmart Corporation, the acquisition of Conoco by the Phillips Petroleum Company, The merger of Alltel and Verizon Wireless as well as many, many other high-profile cases involving some of the largest corporations in America.


Jeremy Goldstein currently runs his own boutique Law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm specializes in advising executive committees on corporate compensation especially during transitional periods and times of high public scrutiny and other difficult circumstances.

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