Perhaps you’ve heard about the good services the PosiGen company offers but you still don’t understand how it goes. This article will show you exactly how their system works and how you can quickly reach them if you need solar power for your home because their goal is to make solar energy easily accessible and affordable for all. Homeowners have two options to choose from, either lease out solar or purchase it. Each option has its benefits, including free solar system installation (Ctgreenbank). 


You don’t even have to worry about the maintenance and monitoring fees since they won’t charge you for these services either. And the best part is that you can also improve your home status since you’ll be saving money. Other benefits you’ll enjoy when you decide to go with the leasing package include; easy and flexible monthly payments, no minimum credit, and free upgrades. If you decide to purchase it, you get very flexible payment options, PosiGen will also give you a cash discount, and above all, your home value will tremendously increase.


Installation process

In case you’re wondering how the installation process takes place, then you’re in the right place. First, the team will be in your home for the initial stage, design, and engineering. Here, you’ll sign some agreement forms from the PosiGen company, which you’ll take to your state government for a permit. Once approved, the installation phase will then follow. The team will later inspect the installation to see if everything is in place. Then, finally, they’ll activate your solar system.


The Net Metering

Have you ever wondered how power companies calculate your monthly bills? Well, they have meters that are one-directional kilowatt specifically for that purpose. But, on the other hand, solar panels come with two-directional net meters to ensure that you only pay for the electricity your solar panel produced, not a single dollar more. So, here’s the concept; you agree that your home is powered with solar energy from your solar panel. But at the PosiGen company, they think about everything. What if it doesn’t meet your consumption demand? You’ll receive the required power from the grid, reducing your electricity bill by the amount of power you’ve consumed. If the panel produces more energy than you require, the extra will automatically go back to the grid, and in return, you get credits, which you can use to get free electricity.