Sheltering in place put a crimp in everyone’s sex life. As much as a raised eyebrow over a masked face can titillate, some people need a little more. Enter SextPanther. It takes sexting to a new level. Here’s how it works: Site-verified models create content for users to enjoy. Users set up a free account and then select a model to connect with. Each interaction, from messaging to nude photos, is exchanged via credits with each credit being equal to $1. While basic membership is free, premium subscribers get more connections.

SextPanther has both a website and user-friendly app set up for optimal connection (think Snapchat). Both are easy to use and safe. All interaction goes through the site, which allows the model and user to exchange adult content while keeping personal information safe. With the pandemic shutting everything down, the loss of social interactions was sorely felt as relationships, both serious and casual, were hard to find.

Necessity being the mother of invention, a way for people missing social interaction to find some form of connection was made. SextPanther helps fill the void. While 90% of users are male looking for female models, the site also has a page with male models. Though thoroughly vetted by the site to ensure they are real, models can be amateurs, giving those wanting to be part of the adult entertainment industry the opportunity to create content and interact with users through texts, videos, and photos. With SextPanther, nights in lockdown became a lot more fun than ordering pizza and watching Netflix. SextPanther’s: Twitter.