ClassDojo has helped improve the communication between teachers, parents, and students. The platform can use various media to communicate between various stakeholders. With videos and information, different families can now fully participate in school affairs at home. Before ClassDojo, schools had to translate letters for parents where English is not the primary language. Some schools do not provide translation at all. The app has made things possible to understand the language spoken or written using a different language.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, classrooms switched to ClassDojo Due to challenges as most schools in the world were closed. Educators have used apps to ensure classrooms continue online and to ensure students are busy. The app is already popular for K-8, but its usage has snowballed as schools switch to online courses.

As schools closed, the desire to keep in touch with their friends and teachers also increased. Sam Choudhry, the CEO of ClassDojo, said his company received four times more signups on average in classrooms than before March 25, when many schools were closed.

By using the app, you can make announcements, do homework, and plan activities. In the United States, approximately 95% of K-8 schools use this application. It is applied in over 180 countries/regions around the world. The company’s private investors include General Catalyst, GSV Ventures, and Shasta Ventures.

It keeps kids in touch when they are separated because they usually don’t have social media accounts. Many teachers send videos to their students every day and create daily themes based on their activities. Beyond School provides optional subscriptions to other learning materials for their children.

ClassDojo has raised nearly $65 million in seed round financing. However, some sources pointed out that the number may be higher. This could mean global dominance and an impressive sense of growth. Students in more than 180 nations presently use the app.