Securus Technologies: The Achievements It Receives and The Challenges It Faces

One exciting thing we can read from the news source The Drone Life is about the new program from Securus Technologies in its attempt to combat the threats to public security in correctional facilities. Today, Securus is the leader in tech programs that enable the justice department to investigate, analyze and protect the inmates that are being monitored dangerously by the prison officers. With the new addition of the drone technology, Securus sustains its rank as one of the most innovative companies today that can understand the threats of modern tech and find solutions for them.


The Drone Solution

One big problem today in correctional facilities is the fact that drones are now transporting goods from outside and into the prison, and these goods could contain firearms, drugs and cellphones and another miscellany that could be a threat to the society. We already heard that news report about prison officer Robert Johnson when he was shot in his home because an inmate got hold of a cellphone. Such report would be impossible to avoid if solutions like what Securus offers didn’t exist. The Drone technology from Securus would also make sure that weapons delivery in prisons would be prevented and avoided. This is not an easy task to do, but the fact that Securus has spent about 18 months of their life evaluating which kind of technology would be apt for such problem and which type of program to use would mean that they should know what they’re doing.

This Drone Technology would be able to stop all the other drones flying near the correction offices. This anti-drone tech is still in beta mode, so its effectivity is still a work in progress, and it might still have weaknesses that would be hard to monitor. It’s still undergoing trials and soliciting investments to improve its tech, but even if it’s still not perfect, we at least can be consoled by the fact that we already have a weapon against the threats of malicious drones.


The Securus Awards

Speaking of Securus, another interesting news lately about the company is that it recently won an award for a stellar performance in its Customer Services and Sales Department. Reported from BusinessWire, Securus has won three Customer Service Awards this 2018 from the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service award-giving body. I think this award is another reason that would cement Securus as today’s top tech-enabled solutions company that address public safety and law enforcement challenges today. There are also government payment services in Securus line of products, but it’s truly their efforts to address security threats and to protect the public from malicious intent that make them admirable. I believe that the awards they get in Sales and Customer Service are just a start. Later on, their security products would be the next in line to receive recognition.


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