Robert Santiago: The Visionary Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is someone who is incredibly well known in the business sector in Brazil. He is most commonly known for being the person behind the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is located in the Manaira district in Brazil. He is considered to be an incredible business personality and is seen as an extremely experienced person in the sector. He has always been an entrepreneur, since the start of his career, and has worked his way up to reach the point of success that he is at today.


One of the first ventures that Roberto Santiago took on was for the manufacture of decorative articles. He entered into a partnership with two other people and saw a good amount of success for being someone so early on in their career. After seeing his success here, Roberto Santiago decided to then move on to other ventures.


In the 1980s, Roberto Santiago decided to buy a plot of land in his hometown. When he initially bought the land, he didn’t have any idea of what to do with it, but he thought that he would come in handy at some or the other point of time in his career. In the 1990s, he decided to start the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Roberto Santiago had big plans for what he wanted the mall to be. He wanted it to be a center for fun and entertainment, and where people can come together and be able to enjoy themselves doing things that they like. One of the main focuses of the mall was the shopping and the number of stores that are here. The Manaira Shopping Mall is considered to be one of the prime shopping destinations in Brazil and has some of the widest range of stores here, which have both national as well as international names. The stores here have a huge variety of clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics and a lot more.


In addition to clothing stores, the mall is also home to a wide number of entertainment options. People visiting the mall have a choice of spending time in the arcade and playing the wide variety of games that they have there or opting to go to the bowling alley to play a few games with their family and friends. The mall is also home to one of the largest movie theaters in the entire area, which has eleven screens and some of the best technology for a superior movie experience. The mall is also equipped with a unique amphitheater, which hosts several events and concerts. Many international performers have also come to this theater to perform, which they otherwise would not have been able to do.



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