What Can Multi-Variate Testing Do for Web designers

If you are looking to optimize your website, there are many different things that you can do to improve its performance. Since the optimization of a website controls how well the site performs in the search engine, how much money is made, the number of consumers that visit the site, it is important to note that most business owners take optimization techniques and strategies very serious. Especially, since there are strategies and techniques that have already been tried and proven. In fact, some of the most recent and notable are considered to be very powerful tools and resources. Therefore, if you are a site owner that may be thinking about making significant changes to your website, you may want to consider closely using multi-variate testing for many of your testing needs.

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Advantages that Multi-Variate Offers

Multi-variate testing is often beneficial to a website’s optimization for numerous reasons and purposes. Just like A/B testing, multi-variate testing allows business owners and developers alike to make changes without compromising the integrity of the site is present design. So, if you are thinking about making innovations to a web design that makes it more attractive and functional for the visitors, you should consider the types of testing that can be performed. Two of the most common have been provided for you below.

  1. Test Text and Visual Elements Simultaneously

When a developer designs a web page, they may be making design decisions as they go. In some cases, they may think some elements on the site will work just right, but they may not really know. So, they may want to test out an element to see which changes should be made. For instance, they may want to compare one version to another such as, modifying the text from centurion characters to trebuchet MS characters to see one is easier to see on the web page.

  1. Test Colors of CTA buttons and Text Simultaneously

The colors used on a site can also make a significant difference in how long visitor remains on the webpage. For instance, if the colors are too bright, the visitor may exist the page after a minute or more.

Designing a website for a business can be a challenging undertaking. In many cases, the designer may need to test out specific elements to ensure that they really work. This is especially true when they are making decisions on colors, text and other elements that can affect the optimization of the webpage.

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