Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has done a lot for Roc Nation, and she continues to be a force that is helping Jay-Z with the music streaming business as well. Tidal is a music streaming app that has become quite popular, and much of the increased visibility comes from the vision of Desiree Perez.She is someone that has worked extensively with Jay-Z down through the years, and her contract negotiations have become a thing of legends when it comes to the deals that she’s able to get. A large part of the reason that she is able to get such great deals has to do with her ability to truly present her clients in a light where their value is shown.

Desiree has been able to help people like Rihanna and Beyonce get great contracts. She has also been able to work in the build deals with Live Nation when it comes to streaming concerts through Tidal. This is big news for all of those music lovers that would rather not go out to see a concert if they can simply get one through music streaming process. This is big news for Jay-Z because it is another step towards an exclusive feature that separates Tidal from so many other copycat music streaming apps that are out there.

Perez has been recognized by Billboard as a strong woman and business, but this is simply part of the game when it comes to the entertainment industry. Desiree Perez knows that she has to do more than her male counterparts because there is a great discrepancy in the ratio of men to women in management positions. Desiree Perez is the leader in charge for Roc Nation entertainment, and this rare quality allows her to push the envelope and make big decisions without consulting anyone else.

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Robert Santiago: The Visionary Behind The Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is someone who is incredibly well known in the business sector in Brazil. He is most commonly known for being the person behind the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is located in the Manaira district in Brazil. He is considered to be an incredible business personality and is seen as an extremely experienced person in the sector. He has always been an entrepreneur, since the start of his career, and has worked his way up to reach the point of success that he is at today.


One of the first ventures that Roberto Santiago took on was for the manufacture of decorative articles. He entered into a partnership with two other people and saw a good amount of success for being someone so early on in their career. After seeing his success here, Roberto Santiago decided to then move on to other ventures.


In the 1980s, Roberto Santiago decided to buy a plot of land in his hometown. When he initially bought the land, he didn’t have any idea of what to do with it, but he thought that he would come in handy at some or the other point of time in his career. In the 1990s, he decided to start the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Roberto Santiago had big plans for what he wanted the mall to be. He wanted it to be a center for fun and entertainment, and where people can come together and be able to enjoy themselves doing things that they like. One of the main focuses of the mall was the shopping and the number of stores that are here. The Manaira Shopping Mall is considered to be one of the prime shopping destinations in Brazil and has some of the widest range of stores here, which have both national as well as international names. The stores here have a huge variety of clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics and a lot more.


In addition to clothing stores, the mall is also home to a wide number of entertainment options. People visiting the mall have a choice of spending time in the arcade and playing the wide variety of games that they have there or opting to go to the bowling alley to play a few games with their family and friends. The mall is also home to one of the largest movie theaters in the entire area, which has eleven screens and some of the best technology for a superior movie experience. The mall is also equipped with a unique amphitheater, which hosts several events and concerts. Many international performers have also come to this theater to perform, which they otherwise would not have been able to do.



What Can Multi-Variate Testing Do for Web designers

If you are looking to optimize your website, there are many different things that you can do to improve its performance. Since the optimization of a website controls how well the site performs in the search engine, how much money is made, the number of consumers that visit the site, it is important to note that most business owners take optimization techniques and strategies very serious. Especially, since there are strategies and techniques that have already been tried and proven. In fact, some of the most recent and notable are considered to be very powerful tools and resources. Therefore, if you are a site owner that may be thinking about making significant changes to your website, you may want to consider closely using multi-variate testing for many of your testing needs.


Advantages that Multi-Variate Offers

Multi-variate testing is often beneficial to a website’s optimization for numerous reasons and purposes. Just like A/B testing, multi-variate testing allows business owners and developers alike to make changes without compromising the integrity of the site is present design. So, if you are thinking about making innovations to a web design that makes it more attractive and functional for the visitors, you should consider the types of testing that can be performed. Two of the most common have been provided for you below.

  1. Test Text and Visual Elements Simultaneously

When a developer designs a web page, they may be making design decisions as they go. In some cases, they may think some elements on the site will work just right, but they may not really know. So, they may want to test out an element to see which changes should be made. For instance, they may want to compare one version to another such as, modifying the text from centurion characters to trebuchet MS characters to see one is easier to see on the web page.

  1. Test Colors of CTA buttons and Text Simultaneously

The colors used on a site can also make a significant difference in how long visitor remains on the webpage. For instance, if the colors are too bright, the visitor may exist the page after a minute or more.

Designing a website for a business can be a challenging undertaking. In many cases, the designer may need to test out specific elements to ensure that they really work. This is especially true when they are making decisions on colors, text and other elements that can affect the optimization of the webpage.

School of Fashion Academy of Art University’s 21st Annual Skylight Clarkson Square Show

The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University held its 21st annual fashion model showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9, 2017. A total of 10 current MFA graduates and BFA’s showed their collections of menswear and womenswear which resulted from two collaborations between the two programs. The clothes resulted from hours and hours spent in the classroom as well as numerous last-minute adjustments. Academy of Art University come from everywhere from China to mainland coastal Maine. Their ideas and craft techniques deeply impressed the judges, who included Ms. J. Alexander of America’s Next Top Model.


A couple of the clothes included vintage denim outfits made with bike tubes and extra fabrics from Amour Vert. A couple of others included white kimino-style outfits made for warmth and with a sense of contemporary styles. Saya Shen from China designed a couple of winter coat-like outfits inspired by the various snowy scenes that she photographed in her homeland over the years. Orange County native Joanna Jadallah designed a sweater and a dark brown skirt based on the kind of outfits that her ancestors who had to flee Palestine wore. She used lambskin leather, cashmere knits, brocades and lightweight wool. Cana Klebanoff designed a heavy wool sweater based on the Japanese Samurai times. Ryan Yu of China designed a couple of black-and-white outfits based on the darkness and lightness of Yin-Yang. Finally, Jelly Shan designed an outfit based on the ceremonial clothes of her homeland.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens who was a painter and magazine editor. His son, Richard A. Stephens took it over in 1951 followed by his granddaughter, Elisa Stephens in 1992. It was Elisa who increased the student enrollment and started the school’s annual participation in Skylight Clarkson Square.


Aside from fashion, the Academy of Art University is known for its Automobile Museum and athletics. The former displays 200 vintage cars, including a Tucker-48, which Forbes has appraised at approximately $700 million. Half of the collection is the property of the University and the other half is the Stephens family property.


The Academy of Art University team is the Urban Knights. Nine of their sports compete in the NCAA Division II and are members of the Pacific West Conference. In 2014-2015, their men’s cross country team placed third and their women’s placed fourth. Both the indoor and outdoor track fielders won seven All-American honors, including one NCAA champion in the Jordan Edwards.


Skill & Compassion, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

There are a great number of factors that come into play within our lives that will cause many of us to take a good look at the possibilities for our appearance that lie within the realm of plastic surgery. Much of this area of medicine can see a negative outlook from many people under the assumption that it is merely a cosmetic or vanity region of surgery and this is simply not the entirety of the matter.


There are many examples of exceptional cosmetic surgeons who go above and beyond their peers within the field of plastic surgery, such as individuals like Dr. Sam Jejurikar. His work goes well beyond just providing excellent care for his patients in and around the Dallas, Texas region but also to other countries of the world.


Dr. Jejurikar has been on many missions throughout his career and most notably among them is his annual work with the organization, Smile Bangladesh, and their work to bring desperately needed medical care to impoverished children who otherwise would not get the help they need.


Dr. Jejurikar is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical Schools and that is where he truly discovered his interest and passion for the world of plastic surgery. He completed his plastic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Medical Centers.


Dr. Jejurikar has not only a meticulous attention to detail but also a very kind, caring and compassionate nature. He delivers the highest quality results for his patients by obtaining the best understanding of precisely what his patients want.

About Our Practice

As well as staying recent on all of the most recent techniques and procedures, Dr. Sam also uses the highest quality and most modern equipment for all procedures, ensuring that his patients not only get the best results but also so the patient is as safe as possible.


Wax the virtual market

World Asset eXchange (WAX) is a virtual marketplace that enables people to fully operate without necessarily investing in infrastructure, security or payment processes. WAX is a development done by the founders of OPSkins, a leading online video game assets trade center. according to its design, Wax is capable of serving over FOUR million players collecting, buying and selling in-game items.

WAX is headed by Malcolm CasSelle who is also the CIO of OPSkins. formerly the president and CTO of Tronic (previously known as Tribune Publishing), Malcolm lead properties leveraging digital assets’ rapid growth. Malcolm also worked at SeaChange international at the posts of SVP and GM of digital media.In addition, the digital industry experience startups as a result of Malcolm’s leadership.These include a leading solution to digital subscription by major media companies, a 22M social network for gamers called Xfire.

Malcolm was also the co-founder of PCCW in his early carer, a Hong Kong-based publicly traded telecom company. In his career, Malcolm insisted on raising a lot of funds for PCCW’s public offering as well as for other private transactions. Malcolm is both a Japanese and Mandarin speaker.He holds degrees in computer science from Stanford University and MIT.

buyers select, pay (in WAX tokens) and accept the item using the WAX’s simple exchange widget without necessarily leaving the site that they are on. Through interaction with the WAX platform, any buyer can view and purchase a product from any seller. Problems experienced by digital time traders such as fees paid for processing of high payments and limited inventory access will be solved by WAX through decentralization.The size of items trading will increase by eliminating these barriers way beyond the current $50 billion size.

Through the wax platform, buyers from all over the world are enabled to access the global pool of supplies of virtual goods without encountering any financial risks.Through blockchain technology, wax tokens allow easy tokenizing of an exchange of cryptocurrency. By the smart contract during the transaction, trustless trading between sellers and buyers is permitted. Millions of traders will be allowed through a decentralized platform to create their own virtual stores. This will provide instant payments, trust, and security which will lead to attractions of new players into the ecosystem under constant growth.


Rodrigo Terpins And The Latest Race He Just Won

At this point in time and career of Rodrigo Terpins, you may think that there’s nothing already that he hasn’t done in his racing career. The Brazilian driver may appear that he has already done everything because of the fact that you can read his name online all the time. But, the fact of the matter is that he’s just getting started. For the sole purpose of recapping what he’s recently done in his racing career, this article will share some of the latest news from about him. Shall we start?

One of the Longest Races

According to terra, at the present and exciting time of Rodrigo Terpins exciting life, one of the races that he did was the Sertoes Rally, which was more than 2,000 kilometers in scale, and composed of around 7 stages and 2 stages. It may even be say to say that it is currently the largest off-race in Brazil to date. In the event that you find some bigger race that can question this, then you may email the racer himself and tell them that the race he was in isn’t the biggest, but trust us, it is. It’s so big that the fact that Rodrigo Terpins and his team was in it would make it an even more memorable experience.

The team that Rodrigo Terpins was in had joined the Prototypes T1 category, and luckily enough, they seized the 8th position, which included Fabricio Bianchini in its team. This achievement is not only impressive but also showed a lot of promise of where Rodrigo Terpins can still go in the next races.

In spite of the dire fact that the race was a tumultuous and dangerous one, the victory that Rodrigo Terpins experienced makes it all worth it. With the expertise that comes with the team of Rodrigo Terpins, there was no challenge that would seem insurmountable, and no obstacle would be left to chance. Everything was calculated, and that’s one of the reasons that contributed to the success. On at least three separate occasions in the tracks, the expertise of the team really went head to head with its limits, but even, or because of those challenges, the team still won the victory it aimed for. For more info, visit Rodrigo Terpins’ crunchbase page.