MB2 Dental Breaks the Stigma on Traditional Dentistry

Many dental practices today face the challenge of finding quality staff for dental, customer service, accounting, marketing, and procurement services. As they try to find the best professionals for these tasks, it is easy for these practices to get caught up in the hustle and fail to deliver quality dental services. That is why Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in 2009 to help dental practices with most of these services so that they can focus on delivering quality dental care to their patients.

MB2 dental is, therefore, a company that helps practices make improvements in their operating standards. These developments are meant actually to benefit the patients who patronize them. The company under the management of Dr. Chris provides services such as human resources, finance, accounting, recruiting, billing, procurement, and business development. When dental services hand over these tasks to an independent company like MB2, they can be assured of the highest standards of quality and professionalism in their facilities.

When Dr. Chris graduated from dental school, he had an option of either joining a dental practice or starting his own private company. He had the idea of creating a model where he could enjoy the independence and ownership that comes with having his practice, while still benefiting from state of the art technology, shared best practices, and economies of scale. By founding MB2 dental, he got to enjoy the best of both worlds.

MB2 has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2009. While it started as one facility, the practice has now grown and opened over 60 affiliate facilities in six states in the United States. MB2 has been founded on the principle that when they come together, dentists can help each other achieve much more than they could have if they went out individually.

MB2 has shattered the stigma of traditional dentistry where practices have drab and uninspired management. Through outsourcing to firms like MB2, facilities can now get fresh new ideas and talent for their operations. MB2’s innovations are meant to improve operating standards which in turn leads to happier practitioners. This is the key to realizing growth in the dental industry.

Dr. Chris Steven appreciates the role that technology has been playing in transforming dental health care. Going forward, the management team of MB2 intends to leverage tech to improve service delivery and promote quality dental care in the industry.

MB2 dental Youtube Channel:  youtu.be/36smqxC1my0

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