Goettl’s tips on how to save a few coins by maintaining an effective AC during summer

During the hot and humid climate, having an air conditioner running in the house to stay cool and comfortable is a necessity. However, the expenses that come with it can be costly. However, Goettl, a recognized HVAC leader highlights some tricks and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your AC and save a few coins.

Keep the AC unit in the shade. This prevents the unit from overworking because shades have cooler air compared to the surrounding

The thermostat should be away from heat and light. Direct sunlight or other electric appliances that can generate heat or light can deceive your AC that cool air is still needed.

Apply window fill: Use tint film to prevent excessive lighting from entering the house

Apply radiant barriers: Install a radiant barrier insulator between the attic floors and overlying insulator to prevent heat from sinking down to the house.

Check and replace air filters. Dust and allergens can clog the system especially during summer forcing it to overwork so as to produce the cool air.

Use a programmed thermostat. A modern programmed thermostat enables one control the AC anywhere using a Smartphone. Weatherize your home. Prevent warm air from entering and cool air from escaping by sealing cracks and gaps using caulk and weather-stripping.

Turn up the temperature: Keep the thermostat set close to 78 degrees to save on energy. Replace your AC. Upgrade to an efficient model if the above tips aren’t successful. Turn up your system. Have a professional HVAC do it twice a year as an efficient way to maintain your AC.

About Goettl

The company was established in 1926 by Goettl brothers in Mansfield Ohio. They later moved to Phoenix in search of greater opportunities where it developed to become a global producer of evaporative coolers and other innovations.

In 2013, the Goettl Company was acquired by Goodrich whose strategies and philanthropic work helped the company grow. Today, Goettl services many homes and business with comfortable systems. It offers AC and plumbing specialists to install, repair or service all models of ACs on flexible appointments and extended summer hours. Follow Goettl on Twitter.