End Citizens United Fights For Fairness In The Political System

End Citizens United is constituted of members who are furious at the outcome of the just concluded general elections in the United States, where Donald Trump was elected as the leader of the free world. The movement is a Political Action Committee whose primary objective is to bring to an end the continuous use of Big Money in the process of financing campaigns for the rich. To counter the use of Big money, the PAC has ensured that it raises quite a huge sum of money from citizens, for funding campaigns for its Democrat’s champions who believe in its objectives. For instance, within a period of three months of this year, the group managed to collect approximately $4 million, and it has major plans that it focuses on ensuring they are accomplished, which involve raising more than $35 million. It intends to raise this enormous amount before the commencement of the Republicans midterm elections.


Based on its current projections, by raising $35million, it will have achieved to raise an additional $10 million which is considered to be a vast improvement from the $25 million that was raised by the PAC before the 2016 midterm elections. In the first quarter of the year, the PAC managed to receive contributions from about 100,000 members, where 40,000 of them were individuals who were highly motivated to join the PAC for the first time and help to advance its objectives. Such a move by the citizens is a clear indication that more people in the society are continually becoming tired of the campaign finance system, which was initially considered to be good but eventually turned against them.


Formation of the movement was motivated by the decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010, where a provision was made to allow individuals and corporations invest in the campaign processes of various political parties and people, who were interested in taking up various positions of leadership in the country. Members who are affiliated with the Political Action Committee started being encouraged to donate $5000 in support of politicians who seek a position in the Congress on a Democrats ticket.


According to Tiffany Muller, the PAC is focused on ensuring that more Democrats are elected into office, and that such individuals will be at the forefront of fighting for change in the campaign financing system that is currently established in the United States. Tiffany is the Executive Vice President of the organization, and she believes that the American system is broken, and therefore, it requires the efforts of exceptional individuals in the society to ensure that change is adopted.


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