Tammy Mazzocco Loves Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco says that selling real estate is the ideal job because each day is a new adventure in helping people. Tammy is a RE/MAX sales agent in Pickering, Ohio and the four surrounding counties. Having started her real estate career as a secretary to a commercial real estate company, she has lots of experience in the industry.

It wasn’t long before she traded her secretarial role to that of a sale agent, as she had seen several people she knew make very good livings by selling real estate, and she thought, “Why not me?” Tammy is a people person, and real estate is all about people and helping them to satisfy their dreams.

In a report by Yelp, Tammy says that it is important to focus on the people part, as all of the other technical details will pretty much take care of themselves. People are generally out of their comfort zone when they are looking for homes, and Tammy Mazzocco strives to ease their discomfort and be a helper and not a hindrance. First of all they are in a new geography and they have lots of questions about that. Secondly, they are about to make one of the largest financial commitments of their lives.

Tammy Mazzocco tries to get into their shoes so she asks lots of questions and listens a lot. She is also full of the necessary facts that people want to know such as schools, neighborhoods, driving conditions, financing, local customs, and many other things people want to know about.

The number one thing that is most important is to spend time with prospective clients looking at new homes with them. This is a critical bonding time. If Tammy can spend a day or two in this activity, she will usually get the sale. People will want to spend the time, and Tammy is an expert at helping them and they will reciprocate.

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