Discover the Achievements of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist, businesswoman, activist and a politician. DeVos works as a permanent member of the Republican Party. She has been supporting school-based voucher programs, school choice and charter schools. She has served as a member of the Republican National Committee for Michigan, and she has also served as an active participant of the Michigan Republican Party. DeVos has been a staunch supporter of the Detroit charter system.

DeVos is wife to Dick DeVos, who is a former chief executive officer of Amway. Amway is a multilevel marketing company. Currently, DeVos works as the secretary of education in Donald Trump’s administration.

DeVos is the chair lady of Windquest Group. This group is known to invest in clean energy, manufacturing and also technology. Together with her husband, they launched the company in 1989.

They are founders of Neurocore. Neurocore is a group of performance centers that provide biofeedback treatment for ailments like attention deficit disorders, anxiety, depression and autism. This kind of treatment involves showing the patients various movies and interrupting the clients when they become distracted. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Neurocore is done to retrain the brain. DeVos has been active in philanthropy. For many years, she has been listed on IRS form. The family’s foundation has been cultivating transformation, leadership, and support for the community, arts, education, leadership and justice.

The foundation has provided donations in health research, hospitals, Christian schools, arts organizations and free market think tanks. In 2004, President George Bush appointed Betsy DeVos to be a director of the center of performing arts. While still serving on the board, DeVos and her husband managed to provide funding to many centers.

DeVos is a firm supporter of school vouchers. These vouchers allow students to attend best private schools while being supported by public funding. DeVos has worked as the chair lady of Alliance for School Choice. She has been managing the All Children Matter, which is an organization that they formed with her husband to provide tax credits, and school vouchers.

The tax credits are given to the businesses which prioritize the provision of scholarships to students and the parents who are supportive of the cause.

For many years, DeVos and her husband have given millions in the form of funding to the foundation. DeVose family has managed to establish a scholarship that is provided on a yearly basis. The award is called Betsy and Dick DeVos scholarship for free enterprise. This honor is given to students who are pursuing BBA at the Northwood University.

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