George Soros Seeks Election Finance Reform

George Soros is well known as one of the leading U.S. political donors after the major push he made to financially back the campaign of Democrat John Kerry during a 2004 Presidential election the Hungarian born financial expert was heard to describe as a matter of life and death. The truth is that Soros provided $27 million in campaign funding during the 2004 Presidential election campaign, but was described as an exception to the rule for the hedge fund manager as he felt the circumstances of 2004 forced his hand to try and fight the right wing choices and policies of President George W. Bush, Politico reports. Since 2004, George Soros has largely limited his financial donations to his own Open Society Foundations, yet he remains seen as a driving force behind the Democratic Party and fights hard to combat the way the conservative media portrays him that does not discuss his charitable works in more than 100 nations across the globe. Read more about George’s life story at

In 2008 and 2012, George Soros moved away from the Democratic Party as a donor as he believed the growing trend for wealthy donors to provide almost unlimited funds was becoming detrimental to the future of a free and democratic government. Soros has become a vocal opponent of the rising influence of wealthy donors to political parties across the board as he feels these donors are often exerting undue influence to benefit themselves and their personal needs as political leaders; Soros has become a supporter of the recently formed End Citizens United group that is fighting to have the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision reversed in an attempt to return political power to the people of the U.S. As a supporter of the grassroots based End Citizens United group, George Soros has made the maximum permitted financial contribution to the traditional PAC of $5,000 and provided his personal political support.

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Despite taking a step back from providing political funding at the sharp end of Presidential politics the founder of Soros Fund Management has been reported by Politico to have made a major move towards funding changes to the U.S. criminal justice system. Soros is backing the future of the U.S. by seeking to provide financial support to candidates for district attorney and prosecutor positions that often go uncontested with conservative candidates above the age of 50 and male in gender taking up important positions. Soros and his team of aides believe the lack of diversity in terms of race and gender in these positions make it difficult for minority groups to receive justice in comparison to their white male counterparts.

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