Essentials Regarding Tammy Mazzocco’s Career

Tammy Mazzocco is a great real agent possessing remarkable experience. Her career in the industry started at the Edwards Realty firm, where she served as a secretary. Throughout her endeavors at the Edwards, Mazzocco interacted with a crew of nine economic agents. She also had an opportunity to work under Mike Zelnik, an incredible commercial realtor. In her next tenure, Tammy took seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums. She got involved in condominium management, and while still there attained certification. Her license as a real estate agent was achieved in 1995, at the proposition of Ken Cook, who serves as the general manager of Scotland Yard. Ken played a central role in Tammy’s early career life, particularly in encouraging and advising her. As well, Tammy proceeded to work for T&R Properties, which came before her licensing in the 1998 summer. Again in the 2000 summer, Mazzocco moved to an Ohio-based Judy Gang & Associates. Ever since, Judy has been a friend, an inspiration and also a mentor to Tammy.

Fundamentals Concerning Tammy’s Personal Life

Tammy’s career in real estate was influenced by people around her. She acknowledges that it took a broker she was working with to encourage her. She succeeded in earning her license in 1995, which motivated her to pursue the course passionately. On a typical day, Tammy does some little exercising. Also, she takes the effort to do some of the things she doesn’t enjoy doing. Through practice, she finds it easy managing her day, and the results are evident. In life, Tammy values ideas. For that reason, she is always keen to deliberate on them, research, as well as plan on how to weigh their viability. Tammy believes in personal contact. She always seeks to book appointments to meet her potential clients. That way, she is more likely to close the sale.

Aspects That Keep Tammy Excelling in Her Pursuits

Tammy Mazzocco values her clients’ time. She is more committed to helping her clients, than she is determined to close sales. What matters to her is the best for her clients. With such a unique perspective, Tammy has continually grown her business. She is also an avid reader, and enjoys the ten laws of life illustrated by Dr. Phil, the author of “Life Strategies.”


Tammy focuses her property sales in Licking, Franklin, Delaware, as well as Fairfield counties. She covers the Central Ohio regions, which she pursues fervently. She is an inspiration to the upcoming professionals in real estate. In the same way, her journey is quite encouraging.

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