Nationwide Title Clearing is Always at the Forefront

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading document and title company that is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company enjoys a special position in the industry of supplying property documents to retail mortgage and title companies. These documents are the lien releases and title verification types of documents that are required to verify that the property is owned by the proper parties.


Eight out of the top ten retail bankers, mortgage, and title companies use Nationwide Title Clearing exclusively for the procurement of documents needed for property closings. Those who have had experience in real estate closing situations know that if documents are received in error or are incomplete things do not go well. Closings are the final step in nailing down a property sale and if disrupted can cost an entire sale.


The criteria that separate the extremely successful wholesale document sourcing companies from all the rest are the speed at which documents can be found and delivered, and the quality accuracy when they arrive. Nationwide has a failure rate of only .78% and also has a compliance rate of 99.89%. In layman’s terms that means that nearly 100% of the time, Nationwide is finding, delivering with speed, and with accuracy.


Employee training and the quality of the work of employees speaks volumes about the success of the company. The mortgage business is a high-pressure business, and as John Hillman put it recently in an industry-wide podcast, employees work hard, and they deserve recognition and methods to reduce the pressure when it gets intense. Nationwide has a sense of togetherness that comes into play whenever the pressure gets too great. Employees are trained to bunch up and work together in tough situations.


The cry of accuracy counts is never too little in the Department of concern because the lack of it can make or break a deal. Reference is made to a situation that occurred in the industry of a mislabeled title that cost a company a lot of money. A $600,000 mortgage was backed up by a title verification that was, unfortunately, defective and mislabeled. By the time everything came to light, the transaction was completed, only to later be rescinded due to the defective title. There was a lawsuit, and the situation did not turn out well for the seller.


In the final analysis, Nationwide has all of the main qualities needed in this documents industry. Leadership starts at the top, and while this is true, the support that is given by everyone makes the company what it is today.


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  1. A lesson for organization for me really is what I see Nationwide title clearing services as and they get my best rating already. I feel that the motivation assignment writer gives is one of the reasons that they are part of a good company with fine reputation. Leadership is really giving the best to the workers in the company and this makes them have good result almost magically.

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