Real Motivation

Marc Sparks has a reputation of greatness here in Texas. However, his exploits extend well beyond the Texas borders and into the general realm of great entrepreneurs in the world. He has started practically hundreds of businesses with most being very successful. This is why people like myself have grown to see Marc Sparks as sort of an entrepreneurial guru. I consider myself a natural hustler.

Hustling has a general negative connotation in many realms, but in business, it is considered someone who goes above and beyond to get things done.

I received wholesale garden seeds from a mail-order company, and I then used those seeds to make a sizeable profit. I also thought I was very special because of this until I started to research real entrepreneurs and the things that they have accomplished in life.

For me personally, I only saw the glitz and glamor surrounding the things that they had achieved. So when I tried to replicate the success, it was based on the most trivial of pursuits. I thought that material things would be the measure of my success.

The problem with this approach is that it is very empty. By this I mean that once these things are achieved, what is the motivation? What I also found is that these things were easily achieved even before real prosperity had been achieved.

Therefore I have to question if the people I had so idolized were even rich, or were they only in possession of the trappings.

So I really had to challenge myself as to what real success was, and it is in that pursuit that I began to research entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks.

I found the Marc was not motivated by money, he was more motivated by how money could help people. His motivation was different than mine, his motivation was philanthropy. My motivation was self-enrichment. My motivation seemed empty as compared to Marc’s motivation, and I was already feeling the burn out that conspicuous consumption always leads to.

The world in which I inhabited could not care less about their fellow man, but I was not raised that way. I was only doing the things that I thought were necessary in being successful. Marc Sparks understood that to whom much is given much is expected, and I did not. So now that I follow Marc’s example, my business is more like a college or laboratory for budding entrepreneurs to get information to forward their ideas.

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