Brian Bonar the Finance Guru

Brian Bonar is a fruitful and famous finance executive. He is the head of Trucept Incorporated. He has worked as a head in other firms like Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian has the knowledge on how to create a business structure that functions well. Brian attended James Watt Technical College where he earned a Bachelors degree in Technical Engineering. He also has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering which he got from Stafford University.

Brian Bonar served as a procurement manager for IBM and later went to work For QMS as the Director of Engineering. He managed more than 100 individuals at QMS. He also worked for Adaptec as the sales manager.

He decided to launch his firm known as Bezier Systems. Brian is specialized in mergers and acquisition. He incorporates his engineering skills with the innovative power of an architect. Brian was awarded “Who is Who in America” in 2000. His hobbies include boating trips, golfing, and having quality time with his family.

Brian is the head at Trucept Incorporated. They assist in bringing solutions to medium and small companies through completing tasks on their behalf. Some of these tasks include managing their payrolls, employee benefits, and human resource administration.

Trucept allows these companies to focus on their business aspect while they take care of the other issues of the enterprise. They come up with suggestions and plans for the companies but still respect the wok climate and unique qualities of the companies. They also offer long-term and short-term staffing solutions. Trucept is also involved in risk management.

Brian Bonar was named as The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. Brian has a reputation as a leader who has a passion for helping his team members, clients, and projects partners to achieve their goals. His portfolio includes aviation, retail commercial, and multi-family housing. Brian Bonar has more than 30 years of experience in professional management in the sector of finance.

Bonar has also worked as the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. The company offers its clients a wide range of employee programs that assist in boosting their business efficiency. Brian is a good example that you can use your technical background to bring change in other sectors.

He is known as a successful entrepreneur who is not scared of venturing in the finance industry. Brian has a background in engineering. He has managed to incorporate that into other areas, and they came out to be successful. He has helped many people and organizations to actualize their visions through his extensive skills and experience.

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