What you should know about John Goullet, beyond the resume.

John Goullet solves YOUR problems. Whether you pay him to or not. If YOU have the means and the need to avail yourself of Mr. Goullet’s services you can expect to be compensated in a satisfactory transaction that is mutually beneficial and gratifying.

When we use computers we all have some troubles. Many times we dream big and our individual capabilities may be small. People who have gone before us and solved their problems are the only reason we users enjoy whatever powers we have.

We all know what we think Information Technology consulting is, what it can do for us. John Goullet actually knows, because that is Mr. Goullet’s business.

Starting as an technician, and hands on consultant. “My printer won’t print in the network drive!”.”My internet network is broken!”, etceteras. To real issues when nobody else was downloading apps that make the issue irrelevant today.

Many working today can’t appreciate what I.T. consulting has evolved into over the years, but Goullet can’t forget because he has been there.

“I Have significant resources and want to start a business in Canada with American engineers and serve global clients.”

Go to Mr. Goullet’s company’s locator page, call the Iowa or Minnesota Office and tell them what you need.

“I have significant Information technology knowledge and skills that are marketable and I need a better job.”

Go to Goullet’s company locator page and find yourself a possibility for a new beginning and the challenge of solving problems for others the John Goullet way.

Because if you need help finding the best people to bring your vision to fruition, whether it be putting together the dream project team with the help of DIVERSANT I.T. staffing services OR your vision is to take your I.T. career to your fullet potential, John Goullet is a name you should know, and use.

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