Watching Kids Grow With Securus

Parents who are inmates and have children need a way to keep up with the special moments and everyday events. Securus makes it possible for inmates to have that relationship with their children by using a video call system. This service isn’t available in all locations right now, but for those who do have access to the service, it is one that keeps the parents close to their children until they are able to be at home again.

Parents can see the smiles and watch television with their children. Securus is providing this service so that parents are still involved with their children.

Seeing a child is sometimes the only way that parents get through the days while they are in jail or in prison. When they can call and see the everyday things that the child does, such as walking or eating, then it makes the day go faster instead of simply relying on a phone call or a visit behind a piece of plastic. The parent might not get to touch the child, but for those few minutes, the child can see the parent and know that there is still love in the family and that there will be a day when the parent is home again. Securus has made all of this possible with a simple system that involves a phone and a computer.

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Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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